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  • Share Experiences between Industry Peers
  • Discuss Industry Best Practices
  • Align on Optimizations and Innovations
  • Get an Overview of updated/new Guidelines

About the Roundtable Moderator

Hey there!

My name is Jessica Cordes and for more than 15 years I have been working in Clinical Research like you. Over the years, I've faced some hurdles navigating the complexities of our industry.

But you know what's been a game-changer?

Coming together with my fellow ClinOps peers, sharing experiences and best practices, brainstorming ideas, and yes, even sharing those 'aha' moments when solutions just click!

This Roundtable is an opportunity that's not just about industry expertise – it's about heartfelt connections and genuine support. These quarterly gatherings aren't just about networking; they're about cultivating a community where Clinical Operations experts uplift each other, expanding not just our networks, but our knowledge.

Let's navigate these challenges together and carve out a path that leads to success, one supportive conversation at a time.

Join us and let's grow, learn, and conquer together!

I am looking forward to meeting you.

All the best,


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Presented by

Jessica Cordes

May 2, 2024
4:00pm Central European Time

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